Maple View Mobile Ice Cream Kiosk @ University Place, 201 S. Estes Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Fall is a great time to visit University Place and enjoy some Maple View Ice Cream. Our kiosk is open 7 days a week serving Maple View Ice Cream. We have many serving options, including 8 oz “Take Home” containers with lids. Take time to visit Monday through Friday hours are 12:00 Noon til 9 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM til 9:00 PM and on Sunday 12:00 Noon til 6:00 PM. Visit us soon and try one of our many flavors being served at the kiosk. Many toppings available as well.

Maple View Mobile Kiosk

Maple View Mobile Kiosk

Maple View Mobile Kiosk at University Place

Maple View Mobile Kiosk at University Place


“Fundraising made Fun & Easy” with Maple View Mobile!

Maple View Mobile Inerior Set up 8 x 10 space

Maple View Mobile Interior Set up for an 8 x 10 space

Maple View Mobile Set up for Schools & businesss.

Maple View Mobile Inside set up for schools & business locations. Size is 8 x 10

In today’s world, with a sluggish economy, raising funds for your school, team, or non-profit can be a challenge. I know first hand. After working more than 10 years with the Northwood High School Band program as a parent volunteer, I have experienced almost everything, when it comes to fundraising. Three key rules for any fundraiser, are as follows: 1. It has to be profitable to your group. 2. If it is a difficult fundraiser, very few will participate. 3. You have to provide a service or product that most everyone enjoys. With Triple J featuring Maple View Ice Cream at your next event, nothing can be easier for your group. Almost everyone loves ice cream and there are few, if any, that equals locally made Maple View Ice Cream. All you have to do is furnish a space for us to set up, provide an audience of people who will be attending your event and watch Triple J raise funds for your group or school. There is absolutely no cost to you.

There are 3 different type of set ups that we use at Maple View Mobile. It can be as small as an 8 x10  space for a single freezer, table and market umbrella, a 10 x 12 space for a pop-up canopy or our out-side set up requiring a 12 x 15 for our mobile ice cream trailer. We are confident that one of these options will work for your next event.

If your group or school doesn’t have a planned event, we also offer Maple View Ice Cream on a pre-order basis in pints. Your school or group can raise several hundred dollars by offering Maple View Homemade Ice Cream to your friends, family and obviously, yourself.

Please contact me to discuss the various options we offer to benefit your group and have a “fun time” achieving the funds for your budget.
See the 8 x 10 set up for an ideal what we will set up at your fundraiser,  if it is inside.

E mail Jerry at or give me a call at (919) 244-1949.