• April 2020- Covid-19 Info- Home Delivery

    Maple View Mobile, (MVM) continues to operate our home delivery business as an essential service to our community. If you live in our service area, home delivery is the safest & most convenient option to have fresh dairy products available to you & your family. On specific day’s of the week, MVM will deliver Maple […]

  • Briar Chapel’s Got Milk!

    You’ve heard your parents or grandparents nostalgically reflecting on a simpler time, a time before superstores and heavy traffic. You can picture the smiling milkman making door-to-door deliveries; you can imagine setting out your milk box, knowing you don’t have to make a last-minute grocery store run for store-bought milk.
    You can almost taste the fresh […]

  • MVM Now offering Home Delivery in Pittsboro & Chapel Hill, NC

    Owners Jerry and Robin Richardson of Pittsboro are excited to announce we are now offering home delivery of Maple View Farm dairy products direct from Maple View Farm to your home.  Our initial market for delivery is to homeowners who live in sub-divisions in the Pittsboro / Chapel Hill area which will yield customers of 20 or more per development. This will allow […]