Maple View Mobile (MVM) is excited to bring back the nostalgic age of “Home Milk Delivery” of locally produced milk packaged in returnable glass bottles from Maple View Farm. Anyone who has ever experienced the taste of “Farm Fresh” pasteurized milk bottled in glass will tell you, it is superior tasting to milk packaged in other containers. 

Glass bottles don’t transfer a foreign scent and taste into the milk, the way paper or plastic containers do. Drinking milk from glass bottles is the only way to get that delicious true milk taste. The tastier the milk, the more likely kids will drink it. Which is a win for parents and kids alike. MVM makes the return of glass bottles easy by picking up your clean bottles each week when we make your delivery. Our on line ordering system will allow you to enter how many bottles you will be returning each week as well as applying a $1.50 credit for each bottle returned. Remember, local farmers are your neighbours. By buying milk in glass bottles you are helping to support farms in your area. These farmers care about the product they are producing, and work hard to bring farm fresh milk to your table.

Customers currently in the Pittsboro/Chapel Hill area may place their orders at our easy to use on line store. Orders that are placed and paid for by midnight on Tuesday will be delivered on Thursday of the same week. If you need assistance with placing your order, please contact Jerry Richardson at 919-244-1949. Each customer will need to leave a cooler on their porch/garage with 2 frozen 2 liter bottles of water inside your cooler each Thursday morning. This will keep your order chilled until you return home. If homeowners wish for MVM to provide the frozen bottles of water, they may order those in our online store. Homeowners may place an order for the MVM Milk Boxes in our on-line store as well. Lead time on milk boxes are 4 weeks and will be delivered to your home.

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Step 4 Enjoy And Repeat

Enjoy the all natural goodness that is Maple View Farm dairy products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver to my area?

We have a convenient delivery map that can help you determine if we deliver in your area. You can also always contact us!

Is there an extra delivery charge?

The delivery cost is $4.00 per order, per residence. For example, if you receive delivery once per week, your delivery cost is $4.00. If you receive delivery twice per week, your delivery cost will be $8.00 for the week.

Can an order be delivered immediately?

Our deliveries are done on a ‘round’ basis which helps to maximize efficiency and minimize our carbon foot print, so your post code will determine which delivery window you fit into and determine which day each week a delivery would be made to your area.

What if I am not at home to receive your delivery?

The majority of our customers are not home when their goods are delivered. We offer very nice logoed white aluminum insulated milk boxes with a hinged lid. (Photo on our order page in our On-line Store) The price for these insulated boxes is $50.00. We will deliver the boxes to your home. They will have the Maple View logo on the box and are a nice addition to your porch or garage. If you do not want to purchase a milk box, you would need to provide a cooler to place your milk in. On the day of delivery, you will place 2 frozen 2 liter bottles of water in your milk box or cooler. We have extensively tested this method with our milk boxes and they keep the milk at an adequate temperature for 14 to 16 hours with the frozen water bottles. MVM offers the service of providing the frozen water bottles for each deliver in our on line store.

What should I do with my empty glass and bottles?

You will be charged $1.50 per glass bottle, however, a full refund is given when you place your clean bottles on your porch/garage for return. We want this service to be convenient for you so we will pick up and return your bottles to Maple view Farm for recycling.